Making that change for the better.

I recently signed up to pilot a fitness program for Julia Buckley. I’ve seen some of her work before and recently found out that she has got a book called The Fat Burn Revolution. When I saw that she was looking for bloggers to take part in her pilot program I thought ‘why not’ 

I’ve lost all motivation to go to the gym because of my busy work schedule and the fact it’s pretty much all over the place as I don’t do you typical 9-5 job. When I signed up Julia asked us to ask someone to be are accountable person. I decided that my partner would be the best person, I only see him twice a week so it means that when I see him we can talk about it more than I could with a family member as my family is quite a fit family they wouldn’t see it as a massive deal while my partner is really supportive and always ready to hear me talk about fitness and my life. 

I’ve signed up to do 6 workouts a week which are 30 minutes long, I’ve had a quick look and they look hard work. They range from full body workouts, core workouts and others like arm and leg workouts. This is the part of the pilot i’m really looking forward to.

Julia asked us to make a main goal with 3 smaller goals which had numbers involved so we could see the progress more than just having random goals.

My original main goal was to have a healthier life which Julia thought was not specific enough so I’ve decided that my main goal is now to change habits a number of eating habits and drinking habits that I already have as well as trying to tone my body. 

My 3 specific goals are:

1. I want to get out of bed when my alarm goes off. (This may sound simple but because of my job I have a lot more of a later start so I have a habit of setting my alarm than going back to sleep)

2. Drink 8 glasses of water a day.

3. I want to strengthen my upper body with the main focus being on my biceps and triceps. 

I’m really looking forward to this program especially as all the bloggers that are involved are all in the same chat as we can talk about are little journeys. 

I’m going to be keeping everyone update on here with my update post being on a Friday. I’ll be talking to you about every thing. 

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