5 Fitness Apps I live by

It’s January and it’s the beginning
of that fitness or weight loss trip we always try and start in January. When January
hits we look at it as a new start, we think of the goals we want to reach and
then we set off on are adventure.

I’ve discovered over the years that
phone apps have plays a big part in helping me to keep on track when I’ve been
training. Fitness apps are all the range now with more coming out every day.
The apps range from being able to track your running route, checking your water
intake to showing you the latest workouts.

I use 5 different apps on my phone
all doing different things and thought it might be good to show you what they
do and tell you what I think of them.

YouTube Everyone and there is mother knows what YouTube is but just in
case you didn’t it is a social media platform where you can put videos online
or just watch videos. Over the years of watching YouTube I’ve discovered more
and more fitness bloggers who have put up great workouts and motivational tips
on keeping healthy. I love YouTube and think it’s great if you want to work out
at home rather than at gym. They feel like personal trainers they keep you
motivated throughout the workout and give you loads of tips along the way. If you would like me to do a list of my favourite youtubers than leave me a comment as I’ve got quick a few I love. 

 My Fitness Pal – This is an app that I didn’t use
until recently because I hate the thought of calorie counting but how I’ve been
thinking of it, is that’s it is more of a food diary which is actually what it
is but I’m not focusing on calories because I don’t agree with doing that as I don’t
think it really makes a difference. My fitness pal is used by thousands and its
really simple to use and you can add everything. The food list are never
ending, as well as telling you about the calories it also tells you if its high
or low is certain things like protein and sugar. It send notifications to you
if you haven’t filled in your diary which is good if you’re like me and forget to
fill in most of the time. I would recommend this if you are trying to eat
healthy and want to have a food diary to keep track of what you’re eating.

3.      Pure Gym – This app is only good if you use pure gym as your actual
gym. I use this to mainly book classes at my gym which I recently signed up to. I’m
going to review it in February after spending a good month there.

4.      Nike Training – I used to live by this app this time last year when I was
mainly training at home. There is 4 different setting which means that you can
work to your ability and pace. Some workouts you need equipment like dumbbells
and resistance bands but the workouts are simple. There is a large selection of
workouts meaning you can select the ones that you think work best for you. You
can really tailor the workouts. There is also the NTC community which is the
place to get tips and tricks and get some must needed motivation when you need
it. I recently started using this in the gym as it shows you videos of all the exercises.

5.      Run Keeper – This app is my favourite
and my most used app. It is a simple tracking app for when you go
running/cycling/walking. The app can track your run/cycle or walk; the app can tell you what
your current pace is at certain intervals, your average pace, your distance,
calories burned and how far you’ve been running for. I love the fact at the end
the app shows you a little map showing you the route you’ve taken.  You can set goals which you are trying to
reach maybe like 5K, 10K or even a half marathon. Sometimes Run Keeper has their
own goals which if you complete you can win a t-shirt or even some fancy kit.

I hope you have enjoyed this post. If you have any apps that you live by please leave me a comment below as i’m always looking for new apps.

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