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Hey Guys,

two weeks into January and I bet you’re feeling the pain of those gym sessions
you started as part of your New Year resolutions. Hopefully, you do not want to
give up yet as I’ve got something that might interest you.

In November, I read that Julia Buckley was looking for bloggers to take
part in a pilot she is starting for her Ignite program. I signed up because as I
previously discussed in my ‘making that change for the better’ post, I shared
that I had fallen out of love with the gym and fitness. I have to say, that I
really enjoyed doing the Ignite program. This is why I strongly recommend her
new E book
Ignite:4 weeks to a leaner, faster and hotter body. Julia’s program and book has made me fall back in love with working out
and I’ve been hitting the gym more than ever. Reading her book has helped me in
the gym as well as working out at home.

you don’t know who Julia Buckley is, she runs an online gym and also has a
number of fitness E books. Her books include The Fat Burn Revolution and her most recent is the Ignite: 4 weeks to a leaner, faster andhotter body. She is a lovely lady with so much motivation for what she
does and loves motivating other people, to get fit and achieve their goals.

sent me over the PDF version of Ignite to look at after I finished doing her
pilot and I have to say this book is my go to book when it comes to fitness. The
book has both her Ignite workouts and everything else you need to reach your
goal like talking about eating habits, resting and listening to your body.

programs are really simple to understand and have a large range of exercises –
which is the part I liked the most. I’ve been doing workouts and fitness
classes for years and the one thing that makes me lose my love for fitness, is
how many of the exercises can be repeated. These workouts are quick and fast,
which is great for people like me who have to try and fit workouts in their
busy schedule.

Julia’s Book Cover

is basically 6 workouts, all the workouts are 30 minutes long and that
includes, short warms up and cool downs. I bet you’re thinking 30 minutes is
nothing but I promise that you will be sweating by the end of the 30 minutes.
You don’t need any equipment but I did use a yoga mat throughout all 6

favourite part of the books is the workouts, the book has pictures of Julia demonstrating
the exercises, as well as explaining what the exercise achieves, which is good
for people who might not have any knowledge of the benefits of these fitness
exercises. The 6 workouts include Full Body Extreme, Lower Body Burner, Tight
Arms, Rock Hard Core, and Shrinking Numbers and Earn the Burn. Out of all the
workouts, The Full Body Extreme was defiantly my favourite workout. A lot of
the workouts are interval training with you exercising for a certain amount of
time and then taking a rest in between for a number of sets.

workouts are both great for working out at both the gym and at home. If you’re
at the gym, you can just right write down the exercises and do them at the
matted area of the gym. Which is what makes this book worth the amount you pay,
as it can be used everywhere. 

You can buy Julia’s E Book Ignite on Amazon for £6.76. When you buy the Kindle version you can also ask Julia to send you a PDF version as well which is great for printing off the workouts and taking them to the gym if you don’t fancy taking your kindle. 

I hope you have enjoyed my review of Ignite and I hope you go and have a look at it. 

Here are the Links for Julia’s Facebook, Twitter and Website incase you have any questions.

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