‘You’ve Been Mangoed’

You’ve been Mangoed
You’ve been Mangoed

I’ve never reviewed a product on my blog before but I thought I would start doing it more, as I’m trying out new things all the time and thought it would be nice to spread the word on items I love. 

In December, I went to Lincoln to meet my partner’s family and when I was down there I popped into Lush, the customer service in Lush is always on point; their staff are friendly and know their stuff which is what you need when you’re looking for something but you’re not sure what you’re looking for. I said I was looking for something that wasn’t breakable as it had to go in a suitcase all the way back to Newcastle and had to be something to go in the bath. The lady in Lush recommended I try one of their bath oils. I didn’t even know bath oils were such  a thing in Lush but she mentioned that they hadn’t been out that long. Out of the ones that she showed me was ‘You’ve been Mangoed.’

This is what Lush say on their website about ‘You’ve been mangoed’:

Good dull day all. Amongst your inventory I’m led to believe is a zesty specimen I’m keen to acquire, with the butter of mango and avocado. Release an outlaw of tropical proportions when you free lemon, lemongrass and lime oils in your bath. Yet to be mangoed? It’s time to liberate your senses and try this bright orange and green bath oil.

You’ve been Mangoed is full of lots of lovely natural products which are great for your skin. Some of the ingredients are Mango butter (Skin-Softening), organic shea butter (Moisturising), avocado butter (nourishing and hydrating) and Lemongrass oil (uplifting and antiseptic).

I think I’ve been turned to the bath oil side rather than bath bombs. The reason I think I’ve changed to the oil side is because I could feel it working into my skin when I got in the bath, plus it didn’t change my bath in to a bright colour which is good as I’m not a fan of my bath being different colours. Recently, I hurt my back and have been taking baths more and I feel like the lemongrass oil is definitely uplifting. I get out of the bath and my skin feels so soft and smells great. You can smell the strong scent on your skin, which I think doesn’t happen when you get bath bombs.

I would recommend the You’ve been Mangoed if you fancy trying out bath oils also at £2.00 you can not go wrong. If you want something that really nourishes your skin and leave you feel uplifted than this bath oil is for you

I hope you enjoyed this post which is a little different to my normal posts. Why not leave me comments with what your favourite Lush products are?

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