Achieve Your Fitness Goals For 2016

Whatever you want to achieve in terms of fitness for 2016, there is still plenty of time left for you to put some realistic goals together to assist your quest for self-improvement and general fitness. Perhaps you are currently looking into a variety of different charity runs and are considering running your very first marathon, or you are simply just wanting to look fabulous just before we move into dress season this spring.

No matter how challenging your goals are, the only person who is responsible as to whether you achieve them or not, is you. It goes without saying that you can always count on the support and love of your loved ones, but you really need to remember that on those dark mornings when it is just you and the empty street, that you are doing this for you- a better you.

If you have decided to embark on a healthy regime following the start of the New Year but are finding yourself in need of support or motivation, or even if you are currently considering building up your levels of fitness, these top tips will certainly give you more than a helping to achieve your dreams.

Be Kind to Yourself: Accept There Will Be Setbacks

We all know just how disheartening and discouraging setbacks can be, but something that I have learnt is that they are perfectly normal and a natural path on the quest to fitness. It is part of discovering yourself, to breaking down those barriers that may in some way, be holding you back.

If you are really struggling, then perhaps try to visualise how you would like to look and feel and then try to picture the path that you need to take to get there. As I am sure you can imagine, it is going to be far from easy and you will need to prepare yourself. The most important thing is not that you fail but how you respond; treat yourself kindly and your body will respond accordingly.

Make Sure That You Enjoy Yourself 

While I am sure that a lot us would prefer to perhaps sit on the sofa reading of our favourite books or swapping style tips with our friends, sadly it isn’t always possible! If no one has told you before, exercise is supposed to be fun; obviously it is going to be more than a challenge but anything that is worth obtaining has never been simple and easy to grasp with two hands.

Exercise and getting yourself in shape don’t have to be a chore and should instead be something that you look forward to and can’t live without. If you are someone who prefers to exercise outdoors, then why not make sure that you run along a route that has a special place in your hear and that you love seeing? It really can make such a difference; perhaps it is running up a hill you went walking on as a child? Imagine reaching the top of that hill just in time for sunrise each morning- what a lovely way to start your day!

Make Sure You Have A Plan

While many of us certainly have the desire and motivation to lose the pounds and fit into that dress we have been trying to squeeze ourselves into for the last few months, it is no good unless you have a firm plan to achieve your goals.

If you are something of a relative newbie to fitness then it is a good idea to invest as much time as possible in trying to read up on the latest fitness trends, dietary recommendations and workout routines.  Alternatively, you could even find yourself a personal trainer and have them create you a workout regime to follow.

Keep Track of Your Progress

This one is particularly important and will be your saviour during those dark days when you are finding it a challenge to get yourself to the gym or out running. It is really important that you clearly record your progress as you go along; this can either be in the form of keeping a note of your improvements as you go along, as well as taking photos of yourself to ensure that your progress really can be documented. 

Many people fail to notice just how much progress they have made as they embark on a fitness regime, this is due to the fact that you get so used to seeing your own body every day and therefore are unable to actually see how much progress you have made. 

However, if you are one of those people who seem to live an incredibly busy life and genuinely seem to struggle to find time to even think to yourself, then there are a variety of devices out there that will help you record just how much exercise you have done and calories burnt!

Make Sure That You Get Enough Sleep

As you are probably aware, your body requires rest in order to improve its fitness, this is particularly the case if you are looking to increase the amount of muscle you have or tone up. Sadly with all the trappings of modern life, this can be more than a little difficult!

Take the time to look at your sleeping space and try to ensure that it is as minimalistic as possible, devoid of any distractions that would likely keep you awake at night; you are looking to create your own little haven in your home where you can relax and be assured of a good night’s sleep. There are numerous apps you can invest in to record exactly how much sleep you are getting, or alternatively, you could invest in a good quality sleep tracking watch and let it do its thing while you actually manage to get some sleep.

I hope you have enjoyed this post and it’s made you think more about them goals you set in January. 

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