Time Out

Photo Credit: Melissa Marshall & Nicole Marshall

Ever felt like your brain is running but your body is walking? Yep, that is me to all the time. 

I’ve been away from my blog for a little while for no other reason that my life is pretty busy. I started a new job, I joined a blogging team and I got my first car, all in the space of 2 months. I took a break from my blog when I started my job, with the hope that once I got into a routine, I would be able to get back into with a good schedule. That didn’t happen however as my new job doesn’t really have a routine. 

In April/May I joined a blogging team which is now disbanded but when I looked back I always felt like I was pushing out blog posts at the last minute and wasn’t really enjoying what I was writing. Not because I hated the blog post but because I would write them in a hour then have to send them off. I’m one of them people who hates disappointing people and that why saying no is something I find hard but I also started to feel guilty because I found time to write for that blog but not for my own. 

Online, you see bloggers all the time feeling guilty when they take a break from their blogs or even if they miss putting out one post on time. Why do we do this to ourselves? Why do we start something as a hobby and fall in love with it but than the hobby becomes something you start to question. I love my blog it’s given me opportunities to do things I would never had got to do before my blog but juggling my blog and job became something of a chore isn’t of a love. 

That is when I thought about making TIME OUT moments in my life. These moments are simple things like walking my dog, going to the beach or going to a beer and cider festival at the local pub. Stepping away from the stressful places and technology. My plan is to try and do time out moments at least 3 times a week. Theses moments give me time to think, relax and even just go somewhere new. 

One of them time out moments was a little trip to Gibside which is part of the National Trust. Gibside is a stunning 18th century landscape garden and haven of nature. Gibside is like the Georgian version of grand design. With the Palladian chapel, stable block and the once grand hall there is no piece of Gibside any photographer wouldn’t love to see through a camera lens.  

If you hadn’t guessed from the picture above that I have an adorable King Charles Cavalier called Oscar so you can imagine that walking through Gibside was like a dream come true for him but it was also some great to spend time with my sister Nicole (who now also has a blog if you want to check it out here). I turned off my phone and walked around the grounds just leaving society and the bad things happening around the world outside the fenced area. 

I’m hoping that with these time out moments in my life blogging will become more of a regaular things again but I’m not going to make myself feel guilty for having that time to myself. Looking after ourselves is just as important as looking after others.

Do you have your own time out moments or maybe you have something you do to de-stress? What do you when you feel guilty about taking a blogging break?

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