Motivational Monday: Becoming that morning person

I wanted to do a little Motivational Monday post as I love
reading these types of posts and in August i’m making a few small changes in my
life and I want to document them changes.

The one big change I’ve wanted to do for a while is become a
more of a morning person. I want to eat breakfast before work and take my dog
for a walk every morning but because I prefer my bed to much I don’t do either.
If I leave the house at 8am I’m stuck in traffic for around 40 minutes but if I
leave at 7:40 I get to work for 8am which cuts 20 minutes of my commute.

At the moment I get up at 7:45, wash my face, brush my
teeth, get changed and get in my car. From waking up I’m in a massive rush and I
feel like my body and mind is than rushed for the rest of the day and I’m
exhausted by 4pm.

So starting today I will be waking up at 7am, I will have
breakfast and I will walk my dog even if it’s just a small 10 minute work. Finally
I will hopefully be in my car by 7:40 and miss the traffic.  

Check me out of twitter for updates throughout the week to see
if I can become the morning person I really want to be. 

Do you have any tips on becoming a morning person? Why not leave me a comment with your tips?

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