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Anytime Fitness Gateshead

Anytime Fitness in Gateshead asked if I would like to try out the facilities that they have in their gym and a have a 1 to 1 with their personal trainer. I thought it was an opportunity I couldn’t turn down.

The gym is located opposite the Tyne Bridge and below the 24/7 Tesco in Gateshead. I’m awful with direction but I didn’t get lost so that says something about how easy it is to find. There is a tonne of parking as you can park in the Tesco car park which is open 24 hours and every time I’ve been I’ve found a space really easy.

The first thing that I noticed about Anytime Fitness is that when you come in there is like a mini welcome area where there are leaflets, magazines and where the staff members are located. My one pet peeve about some gyms is when you can’t find a member of staff when you need them so when you at least know where the office is and the doors always open, it gives you a feeling that someone is there if you need help and it just makes me feel comfortable when I’m in the gym.

When I arrived for my tour of the gym I was greeted by Andreea who is the manager and she was absolutely lovely. She showed me around the gym which is all on one floor and even tho the space is smaller than other gyms it doesn’t feel overcrowded with machines as the layout that they have makes it feel quite spacious. When Andreea was showing me around the gym she asked me questions about what workouts I like to do or was their things that I preferred doing the jump. I mentioned that I was really into classes rather than doing machines.

 This is when she showed me what I think might be one of the best things about this gym and that is the Wellbeats Virtual classes. If your one of them people that loves classes but can’t make them because of work or the time doesn’t work for you this will be great for you.  Wellbeats is an on-demand virtual class which means that if you turn up to the gym and fancy doing a class you can go up to this screen pick a workout you fancy including indoor cycling, kickboxing, and Pilates, they have 50+ classes on offer and you do it in their studio there and then, you can do it alone or with a friend it is the best thing ever. I did my first virtual class and went for an indoor cycling class (I really did die a little). I haven’t seen anything like this is other gyms in Gateshead and Newcastle. I’ve definitely found that because I go at times that suit me rather having to try and fit my work schedule around the gym class schedule I go more often.

The gym is full of high-quality equipment including all your normal cardio machines (watching big bang while on the treadmill is my new favourite thing to do), they have battle ropes, TRX, squats racks, kettlebells, power bags, double-loaded leg press and dumbbells up to 50kg, so anything that should be in a gym is in this gym.

The final part of my night was to have a 1 to 1 with Sian who is the personal trainer at the gym. Sian e-mailed me before the session asking if there was anything that I wanted to work on, in particular, I mentioned that I had pretty much no upper body strengthen and that I would like to work on strengthen my lower back after injuring it back in March. Sian was great and made me feel really comfortable as I hadn’t really had much experience working with PT, I have friends that are PT and have worked out with them but it’s not really the same. Sian had me do exercises that I wouldn’t do on my own and pushed me to do a number of reps that I might have not really done if I was alone.

I had a great experience at Anytime Fitness and I would definitely recommend it anyone that is looking for a gym in the area. I’ve now got a membership for this gym and have enjoyed every time that I have gone in. The Membership is £32.95 a month, you have to pay a one-off fee for the fob to be able to get into the building. You can get FREE 3-day trial so that you can have a look around the gym and try out all the equipment before you join.

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