What Does 2017 Have in Store?

I don’t want to do a new year’s resolutions post as like everyone else I give up after January. I thought instead I would do something different. It’s more of what I have in store for myself, what I want out of 2017 and what I want to learn in 2017. So here we go here is what I want out of 2017.

What has 2017 got in store for me?


2017, what have you got in store for me that is the big question I think everyone is asking. Well, I would like to think you have lots of exciting plans and many things that will make me extremely happy.

I want adventure in 2017, I want to see countries that I’ve never seen before but also go to countries I’ve fallen in love with. I plan on trying to go away at least 3 times this year. I want to revisit Wroclaw (Poland) after falling in love with the city but I want to revisit cities within England like London and Manchester. I want to travel with people that are important to me who challenge me to take a step out of my little box.

I want to learn something new this year. I want to learn a skill that might be related to my career or even just to develop me as a person. If you know me you will know that I’m not creative at all but I would like to change that I don’t want to become the next big artist or become the next strictly dancer but do want to try something new like photography or cooking.

I hope 2017 has a lot of fun and I get to met even more new people. I want to keep meeting new people, 2016 I did that by trying out new things and going to events.

I’m hoping 2017 will help me get out of my student overdraft, as much as it kills me to say it I want to start becoming an adult and save money. At the moment I live pretty much by the pay packet but I want to change that. I want to eventually move out of my mams house and into a small little flat.

What I want out of 2017?


I don’t want much out of 2017 I just want to have fun. I felt last year I just went into a place where I like staying in my bed and not leaving for a few day but this year I want to push myself and enjoy it. Towards the end of 2016, I did things I never thought I would including doing my 1st 10K, booking a random trip away without doing any research on it. I want to just live in the moment a bit more.

Even tho I want to live in the moment more, I also want a routine so I become more organised. there was a point last year where I was forgetting what week and day it was because I was so unorganised. I don’t want that this year. Before writing this post I have sorted out my tax return, bills and sorted all my paperwork, 2017 will be my most organised year.

I want to look after my body. This is not a new year, new me type of look after my body. I want to look after my body in a form of feeling better within myself. I want to look after my mental health and focus on self-care.

2016 I started going to church and I want to keep learning about Christianity. I have a few small courses lined up with the church to help me learn more and I’m excited to see where it goes.

What I want to learn in 2017

I want to learn more about myself, I want to learn how far I can push myself, I want to learn how to handle my anxiety that I have surrounding my car, but still want to push myself.

I want to learn how to say no. I got quite bad at saying yes to everything and got myself so stressed and started to not enjoy certain things in my life. As much as money is important so is having weekends off or a few nights to myself.

I want to learn about SEO and up my blogging game. I started to really enjoy blogging towards the end of 2016. I’ve also found someone that is interested in what I do and likes to give me inspiration and help with my blog, which I’m hoping will help up my blogging game.

Finally, I want to engage in the blogging community more, I want to try and get involved in blogger chat, comment on people’s blog post and just be more involved I was lucky to be invited to quite a few events in Newcastle but it would be lovely to meet bloggers outside of events.

These are the many things I want to get out of 2017 as you can see there isn’t any number or goals it is all about trying to live life in the moment a bit more. Have you plans for 2017 and what does 2017 have in store for you?

I hope it’s as exciting as my 2017 is going to be.

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