Creating a new Hashtag – #ANorthEastAdventure


Photography by Nicole Marshall

Everyone has a little place in there heart for a certain location. It might be a place in abroad like Spain, Thailand or even somewhere a bit closer to home. Most of my favourite places are in the North East and pretty close to my home in Newcastle. This blog post is also to let you know all about a new hashtag that I have created on Twitter and Instagram which is #ANorthEastAdventure this hashtag is to bring together all the places that we all love in the North East and where we love adventuring to. When I did my rebrand I knew I wanted to focus on more of my content on my love for the North East and places that I love. This idea came from a blogging and influencer workshop that I went to that was ran by Horts from The Culture Vulture and I wanted to make a space on Twitter and Instagram for all the lovers of the North East and people who love exploring and going on adventures.

Let’s talk about the Hashtag #ANorthEastAdventure

This hashtag is for anyone that wants to get involved in, the only requirement is that the picture has something do with the North East of England. You can post anything that you think is an adventure to you. That could be from finding a new restaurant/coffee shop that you’ve found on your day out, a new location that you’ve fallen in love with or it could just be somewhere that you just love going back to again and again.

I thought I would give you a few ideas of ones that are already up on my Instagram (I would love if you could give me a follow)

Photography by Michael Teasdale





This is a post from when we went to Alnwick Garden to check out the Cherry Orchard but tbh I fell more in love with the tulips 🌷. We used our 2 for 1 card that we got out of the most recent Gardeners World magazine. I used the hashtag for this because even tho its more of an outfit shot its also a photo of one of my many favourite places in Northumberland.

Photography by Nicole Marshall










This second post is of when I got a day off in the week and the same day as my sister. We decided to take Oscar (our lovely King Charles Cav) for a walk somewhere we hadn’t been before and found the amazing Warbottle Dene.





Finally for any one that loves a good landscape shot these are very much welcome in this hashtag. This photo is just the view from my lovely office The Cycle Hub. The Quayside is my quiet place and whenever I go away on a train this is the view that I look for when I’m coming home it give me butterflies and just remind me how lucky I am to be able to have these amazing view in my city!



These are just a couple of different types of photos that you can find within the hashtag. The lovely Gemma from over on Gemma Little World and Sam from North East Family Fun have already started to get involved with there pictures.

What do you get out of using the Hashtag #ANorthEastAdventure

Well its all about spreading the word of how amazing the North East really is. I also want to help other bloggers and influencers get seen more in the North East so every Sunday I will be putting up 5 of my favourite photos from the hashtag on my Instagram Stories as well as at the end of every month I will be putting a blog post together with as many of the photos as I can.

So why not get involved its all about having fun and spread the word about all the great things that the North East has to offer. Remember to follow my social media links which you can find below.

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