Wedding Planning One Year To Go

Wedding Planner with a 1 year until we get married moments card

This post is a little late and was meant for the 5th of October which would have been a year til the day that I will be saying I do to my perfect man! I thought I would let you know about how we’re getting on with our wedding planning. I mentioned that I was wanting to keep a diary of our wedding plan in my past post (New Name, New Beginnings) and this should be the first of many.

A bit of a back story, myself and Michael have been engaged since December 2017 and since getting back off the plane from Wroclaw (where Michael got down on one knee) we’ve been planning our wedding.

I don’t think it really hit me that we were one year away from getting married on the 5th October 2019 and I’ll be called Mrs Teasdale. Until someone said to me that I’m a year away from being that married lady I thought we still had tonnes of time. Most people I’ve spoke to are like are you stressed yet, have you had any major stress arguments and to be honest we’ve done really well.

I remember getting home and looking for wedding fairs on Facebook and putting all the dates in the diary. We’ve been to many wedding fairs, we’ve questioned our friends about how they did their wedding and we have had the joys of booking some of the big things.

We set our budget but I will say we have gone over that but I think it’s mainly because we didn’t have any idea on pricing for anything. Wedding fairs have been great (I have a blog post coming all about my top tips for wedding fairs). We’ve also decided to DIY as much as we can and I decided I wanted to save money on our wedding so we could have a great honeymoon pretty much straight after the wedding.

Here are a few of my recommendations to help you with your planning stages of wedding:

  1. I would recommend getting a wedding planner this one pictured above was from Aldi and is amazing and for a really cheap price. You can buy planners from Amazon, PaperChase and if you fancy something different you have the likes of the Rock n Roll Bride X Veronica Dearly Wedding Planner. Wedding planners are great for all the bits and pieces you pick up from fairs or quotes you get sent and keeping everything in one place.
  2. Think about what is important to you as a couple. For us it was to get married in our local church and have a party that celebrates our relationship and our big day with our closest friends and family. This definitely makes the planning the wedding easier as you have a focus and an idea of what you want.
  3. Chat to friends and family about your ideas. I don’t know how many times I’ve sent pictures of flower girl dressers to my best friend asking her opinion. I asked my friend about make up artists as she works in that world. I even took my sister up to a tipi company to see it and tell me her honest opinions and it ended up with her agreeing with Michael that it wasn’t worth the money. Michael has also talked with his married friends to get their thoughts on our ideas and called in a few favours, but more on that another time…
  4. Take Pinterest with a pinch of salt. I love Pinterest and love how it is an online scrapbook but that budget you’ve set will go out the window if you start focusing on that Pinterest perfect wedding.
  5. Take things at a steady pace. We went full steam ahead in January and although we got lots arranged and booked it did get a bit overwhelming and we decided to put the remaining planning on hold and just relax as we had tonnes of times to organise.

These are just a few things to help you in the beginning of planning your big day. Keep an eye out for a number of posts I have coming up over the next few weeks including wedding dresses on a budget and picking your bride tribe.

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