Beauty/Lifestyle Advent Calendars Worth the Money?

Let’s talk about beauty and lifestyle advent calendars. If like me you’ve thought about buying a lifestyle or beauty advent calendar but weren’t sure I’m going to give you some information that I think will either help you go into next year thinking yes I’ll grab that advent calendar or I will help you think actually this is not for me.

Why did I buy one in the 1st place?

2018 was the first year that I even thought about buying a beauty advent calendar and I won’t lie I wasn’t naive; I had seen them before but I just wasn’t interested. I had seen all my favourite YouTube and Instagram influencers showing off all the different ones that they received and I always just thought why. I always struggled to open my little Cadburys chocolate calendar let alone open a beauty advent calendar as well. This year was different though , I decided I wanted to try it but I don’t really just like one make up brand so I decided to try out the Aldi Luxury Beauty Calendar. I love shopping at Aldi and I have found that I’ve got a large collection of their candles and perfumes. I thought if anything this was a win-win situation.

Aldi Luxury Advent Calendar Flatlay

Things to consider when buying an advent calendar

When buying an advent calendar you have to think of the bigger picture. You’re spending your hard earned cash and being impulsive sometimes is not the best thing to do. I know when we think of investing money in things we think long term, how’s that going to fit in my life and I don’t think you should look at advent calendars differently. You have to remember these aren’t your little chocolate calendars that cost a £1 from a supermarket you’re looking at spending anything over £30 so make sure you are happy with your choice.

I’ve left a few things to think about when looking into buying a advent calendar.

  • What is your budget? You need to think sensibly about this. I went with that I wouldn’t spend over £50. I did some research and looked at prices of certain ones from the year before to get a bit of an idea of what I was likely looking to pay. I would definitely also maybe watching review videos of the advent calendar for the brand your wanting to buy for as you’ll most likely see what type of products your most likely going to get.
  • Do you love the brand? Is your favourite Body Shop or maybe its NYX and you buy from that brand regularly. Then course it worth buying a calendar from them because you have a good idea what to expect and you know that you’re not going to waste the products. The last thing you want to do is buy a calendar get 24 products and still find them in your bathroom the next Christmas because at the end of the day its a waste of product but also money. I’m a little bit obsessed with Aldi at the moment their candles smell amazing and the choices of fragrances are to die for so for me this was something I was looking forward to buying.
  • Because it says it worth £150 is it actually worth that amount? Most calendars will say on the brands website all the products online so you can make judgement if it is worth the price. The worst thing you can do is buy a calendar for an amount and really not be getting your moneys worth so I recommend doing some research.
  • Would you buy around half of the products that are in the calendar? This is the way I went round it as sometimes it takes me a while to talk myself in to buying something (you wouldn’t believe that statement if you saw my bank statement on payday). I decided to take a look and see what products would be in the Aldi advent calendar and I worked out that I would definitely use the candles, perfume and the body washes would be great for when I’m travelling. Which I think ticked all the boxes I wanted from the calendar.
  • Will they go down after December 1st or Can you shop around?  The funny thing about advent calendars is that their only worth the full price up until December 1st so I would recommend maybe waiting if you can. I unfortunately couldn’t wait til after December 1st as Aldi only do so many and I think they might have been one of the most talked about advent calendars that everyone wanted on. It took me going to 2 different Aldi stores before actually finding it. There is also the .chance that places like B&M and Home Bargains might be doing them for a discount Shannon from ShayKennedy told me about how she was able to get a Maybelline one that was advertised at between £30-£50 online (for a 12 day calendar) but she got it in home bargains for £12.

For the price I paid, the products worked out £1.20ish each so it was fantastic value for money. I think if you choose carefully they are fantastic. My birthday is November so I usually ask for one for it each year.

Quote From Nomipalony (You can read about the best cruelty free beauty advent calendars over on her blog)

To back this blog post I did a bit of research and I asked bloggers on two Facebook pages what they thought about beauty calendars and gave them 3 options. 74% said they didn’t buy one in the first place (which kind of surprised me), 18% said that advents calendars were totally worth every penny and would buy one next year and finally 7% said nope I wouldn’t waste my money.

Good reason to buy a Lifestyle/Beauty Calendar.

I feel like I can’t talk about advent calendars without going into the good things about them as that is why we want to buy them. We are all interested in them for some reason so we know that there must be good things about them because every year more and more come out and some strange ones come out and some luxury ones come out. So below is a list of good reasons to buy one.

  • Discovering New Products: You get to try out them new products that you’ve been lusting over but not to sure if it’s actually worth the money. Lousie from Lou Lou Land said I maybe wouldn’t have bought some of the things myself but at least it gives you a chance to discover new things and find new things that you love’
  • If you love the brand of the calendar, your getting getting 24/25 products for a fraction of the price. I worked out that that my Aldi Advent calendar products worked out being £2 per product. Is that not a bit of a bargain.
  • Great Gifts for Family or Friends: Most people I’ve spoke to have mentioned they received theres as a present (kind of like an early Christmas present) from family or friends . Amy from Treatably said I got the John Lewis one as a gift and it has been incredible!!! The contents are amazing!’ Is that not a great response to get from giving a present.
  • You can get so many different types now so great opportunity to explore: The great thing these days is that there are so many different types of advent calendars out there that you there is so much choice. You can get gin, Lego, wine, beauty, cheese and everything else you can think of. I tried really hard to a get the Aldi Gin Calendar but just failed terribly because I think I would have loved it and I did work out that it was worth over the price I would have paid so even if your going calendars that aren’t beauty the same principles count for lifestyle and other types of calendars.

Reason that might make you not want to a lifestyle and beauty advent calendars

lI won’t lie to you as I want this to hep you make a decision but now that the calendar excitement is over I feel like I can go back and think about would I do this again next year. I think I’ve decided overall I won’t invest in an advent calendar next year, I loved opening all the drawers but by the likes of day 10 I was over the excitement and it kind of became a bit of a chore. I do love all the products but I can go on with life without the products. Below is a bit of a list of why I know I won’t be buying a beauty calendar next year.

  • You might just not like the products you’re going to get. I know I mentioned that you love a brand so there is a good chance you’ll love all the product but there is a chance you might not I was luck I loved around 70% of the products that came in my calendar but what about the other 30% what do I do with them now. ( I will most likely give to a friend or I might donate them to a women refuge which is great but not really why I bought the calendar).
  • Does this take away from the meaning of your Christmas? I love Christmas and I won’t lie every year I say I’m not going to go over board but I always do . This year tho I’ve really been thinking about trying to living a sustainable lifestyle and the first thing I worked on was fashion but when I finished with the calendar I thought to myself does it fit with the way I’m trying to move forward with my life.
  • Our we just adding another aspect to Christmas that we don’t need. Christmas is stressful, do we really need to add another thing to the long list of things we need to think about. Alex from Actual Ar said something that is kind of what I’ve been thinking a lot lately ‘it’s just like another over-commercialisation of the whole Christmas thing (another issue entirely I know), and I dunno, something about it just doesn’t sit right with me‘ but it got me thinking is Christmas just about money and not about family and friends.
  • The novelty just wears off. I think I made it to around day 5 before I got slightly bored and the excitement disappeared. Alex from The Southernist mentioned about how she received a Lego advent calendar and said ‘ past day 2, interest had been lost and no further doors were opened, 23 little bags of LEGO were left forever trapped behind a cardboard door, wrapped in their small cellophane bags, never to be complete’

Soap & Glory It’s A Calendar
Rare Official Yankee Candle Classic Festive Season Christmas Sparkle Advent Calendar
Bomb Cosmetics, The Bomb Advent Calendar
Lego City Advent Calendar

Above I’ve listed a handful of different advent calendars* with some of them being in the sale so if after reading this you do feel like you want to get one for next year you can save some money. I think as you can see there is a range of reasons to love a beauty or lifestyle calendar but there are also reasons why it might be worth just keeping your money in your bank. I hope this has helped you come to a final decision. If you liked reading this post why not check out some of my other posts.


*This post includes affiliated links* All these thoughts are mine all and all quotes are linked back to the website/blogger that they came from. 

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