Why I will always return to Bongos Bingo *

*Our tickets were complimentary in return for a review* 

Bongo's Bingo - pink unicorn

Bongo’s Bingo where do I even start with this crazy craze that has hit the nation and well and truly taken over Newcastle. Well I’m going to try and explain what this crazy craze is by telling you why I always try and get tickets for this event.

Firstly I’ve been to this event 3 times so feel like I’ve fully experience 3 different Bongo’s Bingo and each time its been amazing. Bongo’s Bingo is always based at Boiler Shop which is situated behind Central Station (when in Newcastle – different location for each city).  Let’s get on to the reasons why I always want to head back to the Boiler Shop

1. Every Saturday should involve a  pink unicorn! 

Whether you get to shout bingo or not, you’re sure to win a crazy fun, heart pumping, feet thumping and energy filled night – It’s all round liberating experience  

by Swee Goodison

I never thought I would be someone that could fall in love with a pink unicorn so much but when that magical creature comes on stage everyone wants it. I’ve been to bingo and won some decent prizes but nothing like what Bongo’s Bingo offers. You play Bongo’s Bingo just like a normal game of bingo. They say a number and you check it off your list just like you would in normal bingo then when you get a certain amount you could be in for a prize. They explain everything at the beginning of the night so if you haven’t played it you’ll not be left behind.

1 line is always a novelty prize ranging from a Henry Hoover, a cut out of your favourite celebrity, a keyboard and even a scooter. 2 lines and you’re winning a bottle of alcohol from something like vodka, sambuca (my all time favourite) and apple sours. Full House (so every number in your box) your winning some £££ ranging from £100 for the first game up to a whooping £1200 <– Biggest amount that they’ve ever given away.

2. Singing your heart out is mandatory!

Pure madness, aches from laughing and singing, sheer excitement over a cut out version of a celebrity because why the hell would you not want it!

By Tara Mccully

I’m a lover of  cheesy music and always have but Bongo’s Bongo playlist is maybe my favourite thing about this night. The basic outline of how Bongo’s Bingo works is that you play bingo and certain numbers relate to certain songs. My favourite is 33 which they always play a great Irish song anything from Westlife to a classic Christmas song. Throughout the night you start to pick up what certain song could be. This time 5 was a big one because 5IVE the boy band were on at the end. They also get you to say things for certain number so number 9, Yep you guessed it SHEARER!!! and other numbers are just as fun. 

Bongo's Bingo - Number Called

Pretty sure this is the only place were you’re allowed to dance and sing on the benches and not get told off (all at your own risk though)! 

by Melissa Marshall 

3. Even the most introverted people love it! 

At first I thought “not for me”. But then I saw it EVERYWHERE.

By Shannon Kennedy

I’ve taken a few people along who maybe thought they wouldn’t enjoy it just because they think you have to be really out there but you don’t. Just take a look over on Shannon blog Shay Kennedy where she talks about thinking it just wasn’t her thing and she absolutely loved it. The first time I went along I took my sister and a friend who maybe aren’t as wild as me and Tara are. My sister is one of the most introverted people I know and she was wanting me to find someone else to take her place but in the end she came and again she for sure loved every moment. The whole night is a great atmosphere if you just embrace it and just see the funny side the whole night! You don’t have to be a great great dancer or singer because no cares enough to pay attention. 

4. You might get to see your all time favourite 90’s band! 

Everybody get up singing
1,2,3,4, Five will make you get down now
(Baby bring it on, bring it on now)
Everybody get up singing
1,2,3,4, Five will make you get down now

5ive Lyrics
Bongo's Bingo - 5ive Performing

Like I mentioned I’m a lover of a cheesy 90’s music so you can imagine my face when myself and Tara bagged tickets for VengaBoys and then 5IVE. My 90’s childhood came to life! Bongos Bingo give you a great night of entertainment and then to top a night of give you a gig as well! COME ON!! all that for £30 (tickets without a band are £18) you just can’t go wrong. All I would say is that if you are going on these nights you normally would only get 5 games of bingo rather than 6 but its worth it.

Well I think I’m all Bingo out now but that is til next time. Myself and Tara have booked tickets to go in February and to see BLAZING SQUAD. If you interested in booking tickets for the next set of tickets which will be for around March and April. The best place to look is Bongos Bingo facebook and twitter page ( I recommend putting the notifications on).  Thank you to my friends who quoted for this article and to my friends who just love coming along to this crazy event time and time again.

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