Me & My Preloved Wardrobe – January

Melissa standing in front of Swing Bridge in light brown roll neck jumper with French braids in her hair.

Photography: Gemma Jamieson
Location: Swing Bridge – Quayside

One of the things I started doing in 2018 and want to do more on Melissa Jane Marshall is fashion content. 2019 is all about changing when it comes to buying fast fashion but what is very unlikely to change is my style. I’m not a fashionista in any fashion but I know what works for me and what items I love to wear. I wanted to start a series on my blog where I show you one of my favourite outfit of the month but the difference is that 90% of the items are preloved. I wanted to show that no matter what time of year it is that preloved items can fit your style and the seasons just as well as the high street or fast fashion outlets can.

Pre-Loved means previously used or owned; second-hand.

By Dictionary

January is the month where it is all about getting sorted for them colder days and darker nights. Autumn and winter seasons are my all time favourite season because it’s knitwear season and means I get to pull out all my jumpers from under bed storage and having a shopping experience in my own home. I love knitwear in general but the thing about preloved knitwear is that charity shops and vintage shops are full of it so its actually quite easy to find. Quality knitwear can be a bit harder to find but when you find something good you feel a buzz. I talked about this amazing jumper I found in the British Heart Foundation in my top find of 2018 so won’t be going into massive detail about it but your right in guessing that I wore it at every opportunity in January.



I think if you asked my friends what the staple pieces are in my wardrobe they would say jeans and a thick jumper and they would be absolutely correct. This outfit has been my go to throughout January, the weather has been all over the place which means this outfit gives me options. It’s one of those outfits that can look great with a long coat, with a duffle jacket or with a denim jacket.

The jeans are the perfect colour of blue for this season with them being a darker denim I feel like how they cool the colours down in the overall outfit. A good pair of skinny jeans are a necessity in my wardrobe and these were preloved from my sister who I think had them for a couple of years before I got them. These are just the right height so that I can wear them with a nice belt so that if I wanted to I could tuck a t-shirt or a jumper in. I’ve gone for the French tuck (I’m sure that is what Anna from The Anna Edit called it) which is pretty much where you just tuck the very front of the top in so you can see the belt detail.

This belt is maybe around 4/5 years old and most likely just from Primark. Its starting to show its age but until its literally falling apart I’m not getting rid as its the perfect size and I love a belt where you don’t have to punch your own holes in because its either to big or just doesn’t have enough holes.

Like I mentioned above this jumper was one of my best finds in 2018 from the charity shop. I knew I was going to love it but didn’t actually think I would love it this much. I dreaded the day I had to put it in the wash and couldn’t wear it for a few days. It’s just the right thickness for this time of year and with the roll neck you can get away with not having to layer up as much with a scarf. The thing I love the most is the colour, I’m always a bit scared to wear natural colour because I’m quite pale (might as well be a ghost) and I’m always scared they will just wash me out but I feel like this is just the right colour to make me look not so ghostly.

Well that is my first Me & My Preloved Wardrobe post. I would love to know what you think about this outfit. Do you have a similar go to outfit for this season or do you have something else.


  1. February 5, 2019 / 10:47 pm

    Totally agree – jeans and a thick jumper, that’s all you need! Found your blog from the Pinterest board I made, very glad I did xxx

    • melissajanemarshall
      February 6, 2019 / 2:01 pm

      Awe thank you, Jeans and thick jumpers are definitely the way forward when it this cold.

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