My top 4 Thrifted founds in 2018

Melissa is wearing a navy roll neck jumper (from primark), Light blue demin jeans ( Thrifted ) and a green and gold hardwear should bag.

It’s coming to the end of January already (how is that even possible I don’t know). I was recently watching Kate-Louise YouTube about her favourite thrifted items of 2018. Which got me thinking about some of my favourite thrifted items from 2018 and thought it would be nice to share those finds with you guys. I started thrifting at charity shops and doing clothing swap in my flat around September 2018 but it was in November 2018 that I made the decision to stop shopping on the high street. I talked about why over on my blog (here), and I think this was when I actually started to love thrifting and thinking about how certain items could fit into my wardrobe. I’ve found some great items in charity shops and I’ve found some great items when I’ve ran my clothes swap in my flat (a blog post coming up about running your own clothes swap). I thought I would tell you about my top 4 thrifted finds from either charity shops, vintage shops or friends/family.


originally from ASOS but THRIFTED at my clothes swap.

I love these jeans which I received from my sister after she gave them me to put in my clothes swap. I’m sure at least 50% of my wardrobe is from my sister but when she gave me these jeans I didn’t think I was going to like them. I’m normally a skinny jean type girl and don’t really try other types of jeans on. In the summer I was sick of wearing skinny jeans and thought I would try these out and OMG I fell in love hard. I wore them throughout the summer and even into the beginning of autumn. These are currently under by bed waiting to be worn again in the spring. I love how easy they are to style and love the distressed knee look. I find thrifting from family is great, whenever my sister says she has a few item for me to have a look at I get excited because I know I’m going to be a getting a few good items from her.

Melissa wearing a black and pink flower print long sleeve vintage dress.

Vintage long sleeve dresS

THRIFTED from Dog and Bone Vintage

I’ve always loved vintage clothing but I’ve never actually bought anything other them denim wear. When me and Michael headed to York in August I knew there were a few vintage shops I wanted to have a look in. I fell in love with this long sleeve dress while searching the racks in Dog and Bone. I think I paid around £40 for it and I loved it on the hanger let alone when I tried it on. I love the detail on this dress and I can’t wait to wear it for a special occasion (I think it’s coming on our honeymoon). I paired it with some converse and a leather jacket to give it that grunge type feel.



I found this by pure luck. I decided just after boxing day to see if any of the charity shop were doing any boxing day sales. I wasn’t expecting for anything decent to be in the sale but my eye caught this jumper and I knew it had to be mine. I’m loving wearing natural tones at the moment and this jumper just added texture to my wardrobe. I didn’t even check the label to see where it was from or what it was made of. It was only when I met up with my friend and noticed that it was wool and needed hand washed I knew I had got a good bargain. I paid £2.95 for this jumper (my favourite thing about thrifted items is the price of things) and like many of the other items in this post I haven’t taken it off. I did think it might be a bit itchy at first but it wasn’t and it was in great condition and had obviously been looked after. I will definitely be putting this away once were out of this cold snap and bringing it out next winter.



This is one of my best thrifted items for 2018, I remember finding this in the racks of my local Barnardo’s shop and not being fully sold on it but for the price thought why not. It was priced at £3.99 and the faux fur lining was not in the best condition but after a wash in the machine and a run over with the deblobber the jacket was back in a decent condition. I’ve worn this from the beginning of the summer and still wearing it in the winter. The thickness of the jacket is just enough to wear it with layer or with a t-shirt. I love having this jacket in my collection as its great as a throw on to the shops or for taking on night outs when its a bit colder.

That is my top 4 thrifted finds of 2018, what do you think? I think they’re pretty good finds for being 50% of these being from the charity shops and less then £10. What’s your favourite buy of 2018 is it something you never thought you would find or was it something you were searching for. If you want to keep up to date with the items I thrift over 2019 then follow me on Instagram where I’m always showing you what I’ve found. If you’re new to thrifting and want some tips on how to chop in charity shops then check out my last post


  1. January 23, 2019 / 10:09 am

    Wow, these are such great finds!
    I really do need to make more of an effort to charity shop. 🙂
    I love the denim jacket especially, I have a black one, but want to add a blue one to my wardrobe.


    • melissajanemarshall
      January 23, 2019 / 10:13 am

      Thank you, I do think it take effort to find good gems in charity shops. I don’t have much look when I just pop in but when I put in some time (which sometimes is just hard to do) and have good looks. I think the jacket was just pure look 😀

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