7 Month til I do – The Wedding Countdown

Photography By Gemma Jamieson from Gemma’s Little World

On this day in 7 months I’ll be walking down a beautiful aisle in my church to my husband to be Michael and I still don’t think its hit me that I will be Mrs Melissa Teasdale. If you read my last post One Year To Go you will know that have made some head way but now that things are really starting to move I thought I would do little monthly updates of things that we’ve got ticked of our list. I thought for this month I would give you some information about what we’ve booked and somethings we’ve learnt along the way. I’m not going to be going into tonnes of details as that will be for after the wedding and I’ll have some amazing photos to show you of things we decided to go with.

So I’m going to let you know about some things that we booked last year and why we decided to go down these line. I would recommend grabbing a cup of tea and a biscuit because this is a long post. You will notice that some of this information has come from Michael as he has taken control of that because as you’ll find he’s loving creating things himself. Also he is just way more organised than me!


We’ve known from the beginning that we were going to be getting married at our local church and the church that has made us part of their family. St Joseph’s Benwell has a place in my heart from being the place I grew up and had every important birthday party in their social club to most recently, after being taken over and refurbished, becoming the church I call mine. St Joseph’s and the people there play a huge part in both mine and Michael’s lives they’ve helped me reach God in a way I never thought I would and becoming part of a huge church family and community. As you can guess there wasn’t anything that was going to stop me getting married at St Josephs and people aren’t surprised when we’ve said we’re getting married there.

Our afternoon and evening reception is going to be at Summerhill Bowling Club which is located about 10 minutes from our church. It’s a location we didn’t even know existed till I found it on a random facebook page as someone had recommended it for smaller weddings. We did some research and decided to give the guy a call to check out the venue. We learnt that as a venue it could hold the perfect number of people we wanted at our wedding. We pretty much had free reign over how we decorated the venue but for the amount of people we were inviting and the style we wanted we would need to bring in pretty much everything ourselves and we would have to get a caterer in for the food.


For some reason I was already following quite a few wedding photographers on Instagram before I even got engaged but I think I knew that it was going to be the most important of the wedding planning was getting the right photographer for us. We are massively in love with photography we are always taken pictures are flat is full of images from our travels to locations we love. So we knew that we wanted to get a photographer that was going to document our day in a way that was our style. We went to a few wedding and meet some great wedding photographer and even some award winning ones but there was always something missing. We even nearly booked a couple that were photographers together but we were looking for someone that wasn’t your traditional castle or large house photographer which was what we kept on seeing a lot of.

We found Dan McCourt on Instagram and it was actually my sister who pointed us in his direction. We decided after doing lots of research that Dan was the man that we wanted to go for. When we booked him, we met him in one of our favourite pubs the Bridge Traven and chatted through the questions we had. From simple things like getting a second photographer to had he worked in two locations and how would the logistics work in terms of getting from the hotel to the church to the venue. He also told us that our reception was a location that was on his bucket list which made me personally more excited to have him as our photographer. I follow him on Instagram and I fall more in love with his photographer every time he up loads a new photo.

Videographer was something that me and Michael discussed a lot and went back and forth a lot. We had chatted with people who had them at their wedding and they mentioned that they never watched the video after the first time but also I wanted someone who ticked the same boxes as our photographer. I wanted something showed our special day in our way.

I won’t lie I had totally talked myself out of wanting one and then I saw Claudia McAusland from afashionante at a wedding fair, a lot of the videos we had seen online from other vendors at wedding fairs were either quite cheesy, way out of our budget or we maybe to cinematic for us. We wanted something natural like our photographer but we also had a budget. We originally asked Dan for recommendation but they were a bit out of budget, Claudia’s video looked perfect for what we wanted and I definitely think we won’t regret having a videographer at our wedding.


Melissa was very keen to have some form of save the date that went out to guests well in advance of the invitations, and in particular save the dates that were useful or visible and that wouldn’t end up in lost in the bottom of a drawer.

With that in mind we decided that fridge magnets were the way to go and, having already discussed calling in a favour at my former place of work to use their laser cutter for other wedding stuff, I set to work designing some small fridge magnet save the dates. I’ll cover the actual design process in more detail in a later post as it ties in nicely with the stationery.

The save the dates were laser etched onto and cut out of plywood and then magnets which were just bought off eBay were superglued to the backs. I had a bit of a near disaster with the first superglue I used (two part epoxy resin is evil stuff) but they came out alright in the end! The only other difficulty was getting the cards that the save the dates were to be attached to printed. Standard household printers couldn’t handle the card that we intended to use, but fortunately we were able to get these printed at Bang On Print instead and decided we would likely go back there when it came to printing the rest of the stationery.

The final product was beautiful and our guests loved them and enjoyed hearing about Michael’s story of making them. Our guest were also excited about seeing our wedding invites after seeing what Michael had produced already with the save the dates.


I think we had always known we weren’t going to have huge wedding parties. For one we don’t know that many people so I think we both agreed quite quickly who would be involved in our parties.

For the bridesmaid I decided to have my sister as my maid of honour and my best friend as my other bridesmaid. Straight away I wanted to ask them in a special way so I got them both presents to ask them and I think they will agree that they both knew it was coming. For flower girls I went with my god daughter and Michael’s niece. As you can see it’s not a huge bridal party but for me its the perfect size, I know that the ladies supporting me on the day are ones that will be in my life forever so having them with me on the day was so important. I was surprised by how easy I found it to just pick two bridesmaids, I remember someone saying to me ‘ooo I bet you have loads of bridesmaids and that it will be really stressful picking‘ and I don’t know if its because I just have friends in my life are all important to me but I found deciding really easy and not stressful, I don’t think any of my friends are offended by not being picked as they are going to be there on the day to celebrate with us anyways. I have a blog post coming up about presents that are great if you want to ask your friends to be part of your wedding party so keep an eye out for that.


Our early thoughts regarding wedding cars was definitely for something a bit different, but not modern. We also needed to make sure whatever we went for would have enough room for Melissa, her dress and the bridal party. That very quickly ruled out the Morris 1000 convertible I had spotted at a few wedding fairs, but even left us questioning whether a VW camper van would be suitable.

Then we came across Land Rover wedding hire, and the idea of two classic series 3 Land Rovers seemed perfect. We had some difficulty initially getting in touch with them but eventually were able to book the two vehicles for £500 which we felt wasn’t a bad price for two sizeable cars. The cars will look amazing and I think when people see them they will just know its our taste as we’re not the type of people to have big traditional cars so its nice to have something a bit more our style.


I think I’m going to do a whole post about picking my wedding dress but I want to give you some update. I won’t lie I went in with fairy tail idea when it came to finding my dress. I had dreamed of dresses and lusted over them on Instagram but when it came down to it I knew I was never going to have that dress that cost thousands because for me I couldn’t think about spending that amount of money on a dress.

I think you can spend what ever amount you want on your dress but for me I didn’t want to spend a lot and decided to move away from wedding dress shops and looked on the high street. I knew that there were beautiful dresses on the high street or more the higher end of the high street after seeing Anna from The Anna Edit and Lily Pebbles both get their dresses for a price that was in my price range with Anna getting hers from Whistles and Lily from Catherine Deane and wore separates. I don’t want give to much away but when I found my dress I definitely didn’t have that OMG moment and I definitely questioned my choice a number of times but eventually I knew it was the one and I extremely happy with my choice.

So we’re finally at the end but lets just say that a lot has been done in over a year. You can tell that you’re on the home straight from around 7 months because suppliers start getting in touch and things start coming together (and things start needing to be paid for!) I’m hoping to have an update every month similar to this but also other content that I think will help when it comes to planning a wedding. Michael has done the massive things for the wedding like booking everything (I have put some input in, even though people don’t think I have) so expect some specific posts from him too. If you have anything you would like us to cover please don’t hesitate to ask us and we’ll try and cover them. Keep an eye for next month when it will be 6 months to go and I’m sure we’ll have even more to update you on.

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