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I was a invited by intu Metrocentre to review this experience.

If you know me personally you will know I’m the biggest YO! Sushi fan and pretty sure I’m in there more times then my bank balance would like me to be. I’ve always been one of those curious people that love sitting at the sushi bar rather then in a booth because I find it really interesting to sit and watch the chefs cooking away. I’ve watched them a number of times create sushi and how quick they make it and how much of a craft it is. As most people know I’m a awful cook so lets say making sushi hasn’t been high on my list of things to try and make but when intu Metrocentre offered me the chance to go try out the YO! Sushi – Sushi School I definitely could not say no. This post is going to go into detail what you can expect when you book onto YO! Sushi, Sushi School, what my thoughts on it are and if I think you should book on to it.

Sushi School – What to Expect

I won’t lie I had no idea what to expect when I arrived at YO! Sushi in the Upper Qube within the intu Metrocentre. I don’t know anyone that has done this experience before but I was really excited to give it a go.

There was around 6 of us in the group and for me this was the perfect amount of people to do the class with. We worked with
Ailitz who was one of the YO! Sushi chefs. She was really knowledgeable and was great at going through the technique for each piece of sushi that we created.

When you arrive you get to sit at the counter (my favourite place to sit) and you get your own rolling mat (with cling firm around it which was a great tip) and gloves. Your ingredients and condiments are also all set out for you when you arrive.

Ailitz talked us through the basics of sushi and chatted to use about the best ingredients to help us remake this at home.

What do you make in the class?

You make a range of sushi and the types you can make range depending on the group that your doing the class with we made. You will recognise a lot of the sushi you make from the menu of YO! Sushi. We made:

  • Cucumber Maki
  • Chicken Katsu ISO
  • Salmon & Cucumber Hand roll
  • Salmon Nigiri

It was great understanding how to properly roll sushi and which ingredients worked well together but also giving ingredients that I wouldn’t normal have a go. I’m a massive cucumber maki fan and was extremely happy when we got to make and I was interested in making the Salmon Nigiri because that is something that I always eye up but have never tried.

Is it worth the money?

I guess your thinking ‘How much does this experience cost?’. For 1 person the experience costs £30 but if you do it as a pair it costs £50.

I think this a great price when you take in account the ingredients, time you spend with the chef and that you get to take away the sushi you make. You go home with all the sushi you make within the class (that is if you haven’t eaten all before you leave!) The session is around 1.5 hrs to 2 hrs which depends on the size of your group. You can book on to the session through the website or you can ring you local YO! Sushi.

I think this would be the perfect experience if you’re looking for a couples date night or if you’re one of those people who loves getting people together this would be a really fun experience. I also think its nice to do with other people because you get to laugh at each other and compare what you’ve made.

Extra Information

If you would like to book this experience at intu Metrocentre you can call YO! Sushi to book your Sushi School or you can pop up to the Upper Qube in the intu Metrocentre. Some YO! Sushi also offer Mini Ninja experiences which is children’s version of the Sushi School, you will need to check with your local YO! Sushi if this offer is available. You can also see some small videos over on my Instagram highlights of the night and some great time lapses of me creating the some of the different types of sushi.

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  1. The Yo! Sushi School sounds like so much fun – and also really good value for money! The boy and I are always looking for alternative date nights so I’m going to see if he’d be up for this! Thanks for sharing 🙂

    • melissajanemarshall
      April 2, 2019 / 9:33 am

      It’s definitely a great idea for a date night. I think me and my partner would do it if he actually liked Sushi (LOL) but definitely recommend.

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