Hi, I’m Melissa Marshall, a Sustainable Lifestyle Blogger who loves searching through the racks in my local charity stores. I’m from Newcastle and Geordie in spirt and Soul. They say Geordies talk fast but I think I talk faster and sometimes don’t understand myself.

Blonde Girl, in Jeans and Roll Neck in Central Acrade Newcastle.

3 little facts about Me:

  1. I never smile in photos, I think my resting bitch face is something people are starting to remember me for. I’m dreading the day I get married and my photographer keeps telling me to smile. I think my friends that shot my outfits have also learnt that there is no point saying smile because it just doesn’t happen.
  2. I was destined to work in sport. I’ve always loved sport but was never really good enough to be an athlete. You know when they say to presenters you have the face for radio instead of TV yeah that was me but as a coach. I’ve worked in the sporting industry for around 4 years now and volunteered from the age of 16 ( I’ll let you do the maths) and I won’t lie its still a male world but let me tell you the women working in this industry (which ever sport that may be) are a force to be reckoned with. We know what we want and we work hard to get. I’m lucky I work in a sport that is every growing and massively proving the way for women in the sporting elite world.
  3. I love gift buying for people. I say this just as I’ve bought my friend a Unicorn Balloon for her house party. I love gift buying so people birthdays and Christmas gets me really excited. I will say though I don’t by your normal gifts I try and think outside the box or thing of something that person most likely doesn’t need in therir life but really wants. I bought my friends a 6ft inflatable unicorn for her 25th birthday after her seeing it at Bongo’s Bingo one Saturday.

What to expect on Melissa Jane Marshall?

The things that you’ll find on this blog now are very different from the beginning of 2018. At the end of 2018 I decided that I would step away from the fast fashion industry and started taking steps toward shopping at ethical stores and shopping in charity shops. You’ll find a lot of the post going into 2019 will be around this journey.

Even with this big switch in my life I also talk about a range of topic including ways to live a more sustainable life, events happening in the North East, places to visit (lots of English Heritage sites), and Cruelty Free Beauty.

Want to know who I’ve worked with?

I have previously worked with some incredible brands. I’ve created content for Body Form, Marks and Spencers, Mo Run, Blacks, The Mineral House, Anytime Fitness and Dacia Magic Weekend. I’ve worked with charitable organisation including StreetGames to help promote their work.

I will only feature products or brands that I feel fit in with my blog, is something I would happily purchase myself and recommend to friends and family. For more information regarding collaborations please see go to the bottom of the page to see my disclaimer information in more depth and details regarding PR opportunities.

If you would like to work with me you can contact me at info.melissajanemarshall@gmail.com

Blonde Girl, in Jeans and Roll Neck in Central Acrade Newcastle. Green Small Bag from Primark

Where You’ll find me?

The high chance is you’ll find me looking through racks of clothing in my local charity shops looking for them perfect little gems that someone else fell out of love with. You might find me organising events in my little flat, getting in the Prosecco in for my clothes swap night, even getting in the spirits for my own cocktail making class or getting the 80s/90s click out for a film night with the girls. If it’s summer you will most likely find me travelling the UK checking out all the big stately home with our English Heritage card or strolling around in Ousburn looking for a spot on the grass with a pint. You can follow my fashion journey and actually journeys over on my instagram (@melissajanemarshall).

If you interested in reading articles about sustainable fashion and supporting orgainsation that look after our planet then check out my twitter where I share and talk about these topics more often.


I only accept gifted items or write sponsored posts for brands that I would use myself. All gifted products are labelled c/o (courtesy of) and I always make it clear when posts have been sponsored. I am also part of an affiliate network so any links that are used to monetize will be marked with an asterix (*). It is my policy that I always disclaim when I am working with a brand, in line with ASA, CAP and IAB guidelines